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How Is Aviation Training Intelligence Helping This Industry?

To ensure we are ready to train the hundreds of thousands of qualified aviation personnel who will be required to meet the demands of the next two decades, we will have to clearly understand the evolution of learning.

We know the rapid rate that air transport is growing and that current projections indicate the number of passengers will double between now and 2036. Based on the regional and global projections for pilots, maintenance personnel, and air traffic controllers, this growth will create shortages of skilled personnel in these areas. But as we all know, there are hundreds of different professions in the air transport system. From jobs in the field of aviation medicine, to aviation security, accident investigation, air law, flight dispatching, aircraft design, the list goes on.

In the field of civil aviation training, it is critical that we identify the appropriate intelligence that will allow us to rapidly provide optimal aviation training solutions that meet the demands of this growth, and at the same time, maintain or exceed safety req

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